What challenges do you face living with Down syndrome?

On World Down Syndrome Day our WCAT families have come together to address some of the questions they have been asked about life with Down syndrome.

Each person’s experience is different and unique to them, however we hope that by sharing these personal experiences and answers with you, we can dispel some of the myths and mystery around life with Down syndrome and encourage discussions about real, lived experiences of those whose lives have been touched by the condition.

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Nina’s answer: She gets ID’d at every pub – because a lot of people with Ds have a very youthful look and smaller stature – so she has to always carry her passport at almost 23 years old!

Trying to access employment, either paid or voluntary as Lauren struggles with loud noise and busy environments.

How can I access employment that is sustainable, or any financial support for the future?

When people don’t listen to my opinion, it gets on my nerves.

The challenges I face are the attitudes of other people. The way that they respond to me when I say that I have Mosaic Down syndrome. It doesn’t make me feel wanted. It’s how people treat you when they learn of your disability. I find some people are disrespectful, rude and ignorant. They learn that we are vulnerable so they use us to their advantage. I find that they can use this enough to control me. I think it’s disgusting and they are to blame for their own actions.

Emma says that too many times she is judged by the label of having Down syndrome without people taking the time to meet her and assess her capabilities. Twice her application for performing arts at college was rejected, without any contact, discussion, interview, assessment or audition. They did not even ask what GCSEs she was sitting with predicted grades and it was a battle to reinstate her application and get an interview. Thankfully she is a superstar and passed her interview with flying colours and got her RE and Double Science GCSE’s so would have met the standard entry criteria. She says just give me a chance to prove myself and don’t write me off.