July 27, 2020


Jordan Grace

WCAT Ambassador Jordan Grace is introduced to us the day by her mum, Maria.

Jordan Grace is a very sweet 8 year old who lives in Canada. She is fully included in her 3rd grade class and loves school, her teachers and friends. Jordan Grace has two sisters and loves doing all the fun things like going to the park, traveling, skiing, jumping on the trampoline, and so much more. She has a zest for life which is contagious, loves with her entire heart, she lives for the moment and enjoys and appreciates all the small things. We are so proud to be her family. And we hope to change hearts and minds for a better world for her and her friends with an extra chromosome.

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Hi, my name is Caleb and I live in Florida US with my Mom and Dad and cat, Cocoa. I’m 15 years old and in the 10th grade in school. I have three older siblings and I’m an uncle! I’m excited to return as a WCAT ambassador for Year 4.

I love sports and started training for Triathlon a couple years ago. Now, I’ve completed 16 triathlons with more planned this year, along with some road races. Last year I became an ambassador for USA Triathlonto encourage other youth and those with disabilities to participate. I also love to golf and ride horses.

Baking is a favorite pastime and I’ve got a small cookie business for local friends and a coffee shop nearby. I also love to dance and of course, play video games.

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Calebs Crew


Hi I’m Geraint and I’m 22 years old. I live in west Wales and love going out for walks with my dogs or out for food. Here I am in a local restaurant enjoying a very tasty burger.

I also enjoy sport and go regularly to football and boxing training. I attend college three days a week and every Friday I go to dance, swimming and the gym with my PA, Jo.

I enjoy music, going to the theatre, healthy food and travelling. My ambition is to go to New York!

Following the pandemic I really focused on my health and adapted my diet and routine. Health is so important for a happy and quality lifestyle.


Introducing our ambassador River, all the way from Tanzania! He lives in a town right at the bottom of Kilimanjaro and is moving mountains to show a country with minimal knowledge of Down syndrome , that his life is worthy.

In Tanzania there is a heartbreaking lack of medical or therapy care for those born with Down syndrome and whilst the law states they are entitled to education, most don’t attend school. There is a devastating lack of knowledge with communities, with people often seeing Down syndrome as a punishment from God or a curse from Witchcraft. Many families are shunned from their communities or husbands walk away from their families, resulting in a lot of abandoned babies or children growing up locked away and hidden from view.

But things can and will change! Slowly they are starting too and there is hope that things will become better for Tanzanians with Down syndrome, just like they did for people in the UK.

River has a wonderful life and is leading the way. He’s lucky enough to attend an international school where he is loved and is fully included. He loves sports and attends swim club and Taekwondo, where he is thriving. He has his own farm and its his favourite place to be, alongside give him many physical therapy opportunities whilst enjoying himself! He loves playing computer games, is making huge progress with reading and writing, enjoys cooking and eating, loves the beach and to travel, loves his pets and board games. River is determined, adventurous, funny, clever and can light up a room with a smile.

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WCAT Ambassador Kush is introduced by his mum, Nisha.

‘Kush is 9 years old, he is a cheeky, funny, stubborn, beautiful little boy and I am so so proud to be his mum.

The only thing wrong with my son is the world he lives in isn’t built for him and others like him. When he was born we made it a priority to try and raise awareness of his condition, to help increase inclusion and improve attitudes towards disability. That’s the hardest part of this journey for us. We can only talk from our experience, but if it helps even just one person, or opens someone’s eyes to see my son and others like him in a different way – then that’s surely only a good thing.

We are huge fans of WCAT and are grateful for everything they have done to support our community. Kush is excited to be ambassador once again.’

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WCAT Ambassador Bertie is introduced by his mum Melissa.

‘Bertie Baxter Kynoch, age 3 going on 23!

Confident, funny and fiercely independent is our Bertie. He loves food and watching himself in the mirror – preferably at the same time.

Bertie is pre verbal at the moment but I’m sure there’s a sentence in there bursting to come out. To communicate he uses Makaton and has about 40 signs.

Bertie is very sociable and extremely popular, people are drawn to him and want to watch him grow up. As his family, we are immensely grateful for this type of support and interest in Bertie – we love sharing him with the world and seeing him bring joy to so many people.


Hello! I’m Pippa and I’m 17 years old. I live with my Mum, Dad, sister Jemima (who does a lot of WCAT content with me) and brother Dougal. We also have two cats and a snake!

I went to mainstream secondary school until l left last summer and now I go to a specialist sixth form which I love. Since I started there in September, I’ve made new friends, got much more independent and I travel in a taxi every day which is really cool!

In my spare time I go swimming, riding, am a Girl Guide (I got my Gold award last year) and I go to theatre school where I love to dance and sing.

At home I like to go on my iPad, play board games with my family, do Just Dance, play on my Switch, bake with Mum, and watch TV. My favourite programmes are Strictly Come Dancing, The Masked Singer, I’m a Celebrity, Ninja Warrior, Death in Paradise and Friends.

Also – I love going to the theatre to see musicals and I love Disney! Disneyland Paris is my favourite holiday and I love meeting all the characters!


This is a link to a youtube video made by Jemima to highlight inclusivity within Girl Guiding which documents Pippa’s Guiding journey https://youtu.be/slqcUyTDyEs

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WCAT Ambassador Lenny is introduced by his mum Vikki.

‘We are so excited that Lenny is a 2023 WCAT ambassador, and that this is the second time he has been chosen.

Lenny started mainstream primary school in September 2022 and is absolutely loving being at school. He is friends with everyone, he has learned his phonics and is starting to learn to read.

Last year he modelled for Primark, Ella’s Kitchen and was the one of the first three disabled children to be chosen to model for Smyths Toy Shop. He is currently in their catalogue modelling a ride of fire engine.

Lenny now has over 150,000 followers on Tiktok @lennyrocks, and is continuing to help change peoples perceptions around Down syndrome! We can’t wait to see what 2023 hold for Lenny.’


Hello my name is Liam I am 18. This is my 3rd year as WCAT ambassador and I love helping to promote positivity about Down syndrome. I have been on TV twice in a BBC series and a commercial and taken part in several fashion shows. I hope you enjoy following WCAT as much as I enjoy being an Ambassador.

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My name is Carmela, I’m 24 years old and so excited to be asked to return as a WCAT Ambassador – I was an ambassador in 2020! I attend day centres and volunteer at a youth club for children with learning disabilities which is run by Action for Children. I completed a supported internship at a nursery so I love this job.

I love to dance and was a semi-finalist on 2022’s Britain’s got Talent alongside my friends at Born to Perform. We got David’s golden buzzer and were in the semi-finals – what an amazing experience!

2022 was quite the year. As well as BGT, I was invited to afternoon tea at the Houses of Parliament on WDSD, and was also photographed by Rory Langdon Down for an exhibition!

I love to have fun with family, friends and my boyfriend of 3 years, and I also loves a glass of wine or a cocktail!


WCAT Ambassador Thomas is introduced by his mum Alison.

‘Thomas has just turned 10. He lives with his mum Alison, dad John and big brother Daniel.

He is from a British family who live in the Netherlands.

Thomas loves people, he likes making people feel happy and included, he makes friends wherever he goes. He is loving, kind and fiercely empathetic, He is fun and mischievous, he loves singing, dancing, playing football, and playing with his brother and his brother’s friends, who all look past his Down syndrome only seeing a cool, funny boy.

He also loves a challenge!

His biggest challenge has been learning a second language. Thomas goes to a Dutch SEN school which he really enjoys and he has lots of friends there.

Thomas is very proud to be an ambassador for Wouldn’t Change a Thing. He recognises the logo, he gets excited whenever there is a new project, he can name children and parents he’s never met, but he “knows them” from the videos and stories.

He tells people he’s an ambassador. I think he just loves the feeling of being represented.

One of his 2022 highlights was flying back to Liverpool to see our family and while we where there we met up with Lenny, Amelia and their mums, who we know via Wouldn’t Change a Thing we had a great time with them.

We couldn’t be prouder of him, he’s everything we could have asked for and more.’


Hi, My name is Jessica Amy Williams, I am 19 years old and I live in Liverpool. At home is my Mum, Nicola, my Step-Dad Thomas and my little brother Patrick. My step sister Charlotte comes to visit at the weekend and she has Down syndrome too.

I love trying new things and having cool adventures! Last year I was one of the first young ladies in the world with Down syndrome to do a skydive! It was very exciting and I even won a holiday on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway because of it.

I love music, singing, dancing, writing songs, laughing, going out and watching re-runs of Friends. I am a successful model and actress and I have been on TV and stage lots of times. I would love to be famous one day and live in LA. I would like to fall in love, get married, have children and have my own house, maybe even drive a car.

I’m leaving school this summer and excited to see what the future may bring.

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Michael has just turned 18 and plans to party all year!

He enjoys his life, sixth form college, travelling to the gym with a gym buddy, swimming with friends, dancing at all hours of the day and night and he always has a few magic tricks up his sleeve as he goes nowhere without a pack of cards!


Daniele was thrilled to be chosen as a WCAT Ambassador.

Daniele is the youngest of three, he has two older sister’s, and has just become an uncle to his eldest sister’s baby daughter. He is absolutely besotted with his new niece.

He is very passionate about his football especially Spurs and is lucky as he gets to attend all the home games with his Dad.

He is in his second year at College and is achieving all his targets, he is very sociable and has lots of friends.

Daniele communicates well but will also use his grid on his iPad to help his friends understand him.

He also attends Inspire Daycare Services as one of the days he does not attend college and enjoys the outings & activities with staff & friends.

On a Friday Daniele attends football training at Cheshunt Inclusive Youth, which he has been attending since before lockdown.

His confidence has grown since he has been there and is now attending the adult team who train on a Thursday as he is now 18.

He has also started a computer club through a local special needs play-scheme called CHIPS.

Daniele loves dancing & singing and at the end of last year was selected by his modelling agency to be an extra.

‘Thank you for choosing me as an ambassador, I am looking forward to raising awareness in 2023 with you all.’

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WCAT Ambassador Arya is introduced by her mum.

‘Arya is 3 years old. She is a cheeky, strong-willed little girl. She makes every day full of fun and laughter.

She loves Mickey Mouse and Mr Tumble. It’s on repeat all day! Arya loves dancing and watching music videos. She loves to copy the moves they do.

Arya loves to read! She will sit on the sofa with one leg on the other and pretend to read. We are a big fan of the ‘That’s not my…’ books.

Arya is very good at remembering and retaining information. She is amazing at signing. She is able to tell us what she wants through signing. She has even started to say a few words.

Arya hasn’t started to walk just yet but can bum shuffle very fast. She has made great progress in physiotherapy and can sit to stand. Recently, she has started to pull herself up from sitting. We can’t wait for the day when she takes her first steps and runs around.

Arya goes to an amazing nursery and loves it! She is loved by all her class and teachers. She is included in everything they do. We couldn’t have asked for a better nursery for her. She is thriving and loving life!

She will be starting reception in September. Where did the time go!’


Hi – my name is Nina, I’m a rocker with a nose ring – I love all music but really love rock. I’m 22 years old and live in West Yorkshire. I love making TikToks. I love watching Netflix – Stranger Things is my current obsession – but I love watching lots of Netflix series. I’ve just got into horse riding which I’m enjoying.


‘Hi i’m Grace. I am 18 years old and I live in Scotland. I am looking forward to my second year as an ambassador for Wouldn’t Change A Thing.

I am in my final year of mainstream school and then I will move on to college. I can’t wait for my prom.

I love to dance and I love performing with my dance groups and theatre school. I also love gymnastics and I do rhythmic gymnastics at City of Glasgow Disability Gymnastics Club. I also love spending time signing to pop songs, playing my keyboard, going to concerts and musicals and going out with friends and family.

I also really love spending time with my brother Max who is 15 and we absolutely love watching our favourite TV show Friends. We also love going to football matches and supporting our team.


My name is Kirsty, and this is my second year as an ambassador for Wouldn’t Change A Thing. I am 21 years old. I live with my Mum, Dad and younger sister. I go to college 3 times a week. I also go to various clubs and enjoy dancing, singing and badminton. I love spending time with my friends. I love watching Disney movies. My favourite princess is Cinderella. My favourite colour is pink. My favourite food is Italian. I have family who live in Scotland and Malaysia. I am mixed race. Mum is Malaysian Indian and Dad is Scottish. I am an employee at the Odeon cinemas. I look forward to sharing my year with you all.

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Mikey & Missy

‘Hi! We are siblings Mikey, aged 12, and Missy, aged 11, and we are delighted to be returning as ambassadors for WCAT in 2023. We live in Scotland and are unschooled/ home educated. We love the outdoors especially the beach. We are really excited to be able to share all the exciting things we have planned for this year. Its going to be a lot of fun we really hope you enjoy sharing our adventures with us!’

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My name is Hollie and I am 15 years old.

I live in South Wales. This is my 4th year as an ambassador for Wouldn’t Change A Thing.

I have two beautiful younger sisters, Poppie and Lillie, and we have two cavapoo sisters, Coco and Winter.

I love listening to music, singing and dancing!

I enjoy swimming. Just recently, I had a mermaid experience birthday party and I felt like a real mermaid swimming under water with my long beautiful tail.

I have raised many thousands of pounds for different charities and have also donated at least 45” of my hair to The Princess Trust.

I will be having another charity hair cut at the beginning of this year and raising money for my school and pupils. I can’t wait.

I enjoy school and I’m always working very hard. When I grow up, I want to be a vet. I won’t ever give up and will always follow my dreams!

Max and Jude

Brothers Max and Jude are back as WCAT Ambassadors for 2023! Here they are introduced by mum, Whittney:

Max and Jude are both in 1st grade this year. Max is a born performer and absolutely loves to dance. He loves music, especially hip hop. He is quite the comedian and loves to make us laugh with his silly antics. Max has an amazing memory. He loves to read and is especially good at math. Max was adopted from China when he was 2 1/2 years old and he completed our family perfectly.

Jude is a natural artist and loves to paint and draw – on paper, the magna doodle, iPad, or even the walls – all are blank canvases to him. He loves to play hide-n-seek and to pull pranks on his family. Jude loves to sing – especially if a microphone is available. Jude is especially proud of his cousin, Baby Clarke, and he tells everyone he sees that “Baby Clarke is so cute!” Jude is also a born encourager. He is always giving hugs, fist bumps, and telling someone “you’re the best!”

Both Max and Jude love to wrestle and play ball with their big brother, MT. They love to create videos and fun projects with their sister, Mikayla. They love going to the beach, camping, and playing games.


It’s me Nino Genua aged 24 yr old young man.

l am happy and proud to go on being an Ambassador for Wouldn’t Change A Thing. Like helping others with Down syndrome and different disabilities too.

I am a model with Zebedee a community coach for Bristol City Robins Foundation and Bristol Bears Community Foundation. I am an Artisan trainee baker at Step and Stone, I am a café assistant.

I love sport, health & fitness.

I play football, swim competitively, train in the gym and at home, go to fitness club and love going to the golf range.

I keep my mind healthy too.

I am a member of The National Down Syndrome Policy Group ensuring the new Down syndrome Act is a true reflection of all our individual needs and that we are all offered the appropriate support throughout our lives by everyone involved in supporting us.

Mum says Down syndrome is “the glitter on top of my personality”

I say Down syndrome is my super power and part of who I am, this is me and I make the best of me everyday…. you do you and I’ll do me!!!

I have support, love and care to reach my goals and that’s all part of being as independent as I can be.

I love my life, I have a girlfriend called Olivia, this year is our 8th Anniversary on Valentine’s day.

I have brilliant friends, a great social life and make my own choices about my life. It’s nice to see you again and to meet new faces here in Wouldn’t Change A Thing.’

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My name Ivan, I am 19. I like dancing, at project 21, and I go Ipswich for culture club to learn. I like Playstation all day, I play F1, I practice. I have a girlfriend, Mia and she is soooooo gorgeous and love her from my heart. We go dancing, dinner and cinema together, it good fun. I leave college I get new job to money. I love my family my brother Lyncoln and sister Mia-Grace.


Jessica has just turned 16. She is full of energy and sass.

Her favourite things to do are be on her phone texting or facetiming her friends, or hanging out with them in person.

She attends lots of evening sports activities and youth clubs, but the one she excels at is dancing. She will spends hours dancing and making TikToks in her room, trying to perfect the newest trend. But she is also a member of two dance groups where she performs regularly with her friends.

Jessica also enjoys spending time at home with her family, although she will usually be found in her room. Jess is not short on teenage attitude, and will often tell you to leave her alone, saying, “I’m 16, I’m a teenager. I can do it myself.”

Jess loves school and being with her classmates, and every Friday she goes to college to study art – which she is really good at. She loves to make people cards and draw pictures to cheer them up or just to tell them that she loves you.

Jess is a popular young lady, who enjoys having her hair and nails done, and trying out her makeup.

She has an infectious energy about her and a great personality to boot. She loves to give and receive hugs and to talk about anything and everything.

She is really happy to be an ambassador for WCAT!


WCAT Ambassador Musa is introduced by his mum Jannah.

“Musa is 5 years old. He loves playing football and his favourite football team is Manchester City.

Musa also loves school and everything to do with school. His favourite Makaton signs are school, teacher and bus – along with the song ‘the wheels on the bus’ but with a different twist when the bus goes all the way to school!

Life with this boy is such a blessing that I almost can’t remember how sad I was the day he was born as they said the words ‘Down’s syndrome.’

I blinked and he’s not that 5lb 15oz baby anymore, I’m not sure if I’m ready to blink again.


WCAT Ambassador Matt is introduced by his mum, Helen.

Matt is 19 and loves life!

He enjoys numerous sports that he plays each week. His favourites, though, are football, tennis, dance and basketball. He’s not the greatest sportsman – and I think it’s safe to say he’s the world’s worst dancer – but he doesn’t care! He just enjoys doing them anyway.

Matt loves being a season card holder at Nottingham Forest and his favourite moment last year was going to Wembley and seeing them get promoted to the Premier League. He’s not enjoyed this season quite so much, but he always lives in hope!

Matt has a HUGE character! With Matt once you’ve met him, you will never forget him. Matt has autism and ADHD on top of his Down syndrome, and he doesn’t speak a single word. He communicates through touch and with his adapted Makaton signs (that we call Matt-aton)! There are many things that Matt cannot do, but it doesn’t stop him in the slightest.

For over 12 years, all he has eaten is baked beans, chips with ketchup, and toast with butter, and he drinks water. He’s just not interested in eating anything else and why bother if you can stay fit and healthy just eating the things you like?

Matt is a true ladies man! He adores pretty girls and sees no reason why they wouldn’t adore him back. To be fair, with that cheeky smile of his, they usually do! But he does need to work on his ways of endearing them, as just reaching out and hugging random women in public isn’t always appreciated.

Matt’s enthusiasm for life and for everything he does is infectious. He has loads of friends, and a wonderful social life. His evenings and weekends are taken up with doing activities he loves, and his days are spent at college studying sport, and at day services where he’s always active and engaged.

As long as he is busy, Matt is wonderful. But he’s also very cheeky, loves mischief and is no angel. So if you don’t keep him active, he will make sure you know it!

But right now, Matt is having fun, enjoying being a teenager and living his best life.


WCAT Ambassador Zephy’s mum, Sarah, introduces him.

Zephy has recently turned 6 and is in year 1 in a mainstream school in south London

He predominately uses Makaton to communicate and is working hard on his speech sounds to go along side it.

Zephy has a great sense of humour and loves any kind of slapstick style comedy. He also loves to play hide and seek and even managed to convince his paediatrician to play at his last appointment! His favourite tv show is Bluey and he loves anything pirate relates especially Cook and Line from the tv show Swashbuckle.


WCAT Ambassador Poppy is introduced by her mum, Philippa.

“This is Poppy, she is 15yrs old and can’t wait to be 16! (It’s going to be a long 7 months).

Poppy loves to dance and goes to 2 dance classes with her friends, she also loves to “TikTok” and chat with her friends.

During the week, Poppy also plays hockey and football with her fellow ambassadors Matt, Jess and PJ.

Poppy loves to help in the kitchen preparing dinner. Her favourite things to help make are burgers and pasta salad.

She enjoys school, attends college once a week to do hair and beauty and has work experience at a local gym. Her favourite subject is English (not so keen on Math). Next year she is hoping to go to sixth form school/college and would like to work in a school when she is older, as well as in McDonald’s.

Every week, Poppy works at a local swimming pool, where she meets and greets the clients and helps to clean and maintain poolside.

She is really looking forward to her time as an ambassador, helping people to be more aware, understanding and have a positive attitude towards Down syndrome.

“Be happy , stay strong and have a positive attitude.“


My name is Ben and I am 17 years old. I live with my mum and dad in West Sussex and have 4 brothers and 1 sister.

I am currently in my 2nd year at college where I have made lots of new friends and am hoping to go to Orpheus once I finish college.

I have a girlfriend called Thea and we enjoy going out on dates.

I love drama, reading, trampolining, basketball and playing most sports.

I go to two theatre schools and am with Zebedee model agency. I love performing on the stage and have been in TV shows and TV commercials including ‘ The dog ate my homework’ and ‘Play your pets right’

I love living my life to the full and am very excited to share my new adventures with you all this year.’


My name is Francesca Rausi and I am 7 years old. My hobbies are drama music and dancing hip hop and jazz. My passion is modelling and taking photo shoots. I took part in London Fashion Week and Diversity Fashion Week in Amsterdam, and I had the honour to model with the top model Madeline Stuart.

In Malta I was the first child with Down syndrome to take part in modelling competitions and won titles such as Junior Valentine, Junior Christmas, Little Ms Winter Elegance and more. When I grow up I would love to be a professional model.

Cameras and studios are my passion. I love to be on tv and I am invited to many TV shows creating awareness in changing the perception of Down syndrome.


We’re delighted to have PJ join our Ambassador team! His mum tells us more about PJ’s life.

‘Philip – known by everyone around him as PJ-is 21 years old. His personality is fun and infectious and he is loved by so many people. He loves sports such as swimming, football and basketball. He attends two dance groups as well as his numerous sports groups. PJ loves to watch the Nottingham Panthers ice hockey team and Notts county football team. he also likes NFFC, but can’t get tickets to watch them. He attends Portland college 3 days a week where he is following a communication pathway, has completed the NVCS programme twice and is working towards his Duke of Edinburgh award. He recently started to attend respite care to give him the opportunity to gain some independence away from the family home whilst having fun. PJ loves animals and holidays particularly Butlins.

He loves to dance and sing using his own styles, and will have a go at most activities. PJ has a lot of friends and a friendship group he sees and spends time with regularly, including shared holidays.

PJ has an older brother and sister who both adore him and he also likes spending time with. PJ uses a cochlear implant to enable him to access sound and also has Hirchsprung’s disease.

PJ is amazing just the way he is, and apart from enabling him to speak I wouldn’t change anything about him. I am looking forward to sharing PJ’s adventures and feel honoured that he was chosen to be an ambassador for Wouldn’t Change A Thing.’