Do you have a good life?

Ahead of this World Down Syndrome Day our WCAT families have come together to address some of the questions they have been asked about life with Down syndrome.

Each person’s experience is different and unique to them, however we hope that by sharing these personal experiences and answers with you, we can dispel some of the myths and mystery around life with Down syndrome and encourage discussions about real, lived experiences of those whose lives have been touched by the condition. #WhySoSerious #WDSD23 #WithUsNotForUs #DownSyndrome #WouldntChangeAThing

I love living my best life – DJing, performing, going to the pub with mates, jamming. Cheers!

She has the best life her family can provide for her. Her family knows her limits and what she can achieve and she will go far and beyond. Some challenges might hold her back but she was a warrior at birth born at 29 weeks gestation and she will march through those storms!

Liam is living his best life, nothing fazes him and his determination to succeed in everything he attempts has enabled him to achieve so much.

Me have my best life, happy, busy, sport, work, girlfriend, friends. I make own choices and have support to be independent from mum, sister Lia & PA friend Dean. I have everything I want and do everything I want to do. I love going on holiday, love sunny places. I do jobs; football coach, model, trainee baker. I love going to gym. I have good times; meals, pubs, cinema, sport and parties with friends and girlfriend. I love my life, me have fun and be happy, proud of myself.

Cian certainly is living his best life…he faces all life’s challenges head on and nothing holds him back. He is so determined and driven – It may take him a little longer, he may need additional support but he will get there.

I have a good life, I love my life. I have lots of friends and a lovely girlfriend. I love going to drama, playing basketball and working out in the gym. I have one sister and four brothers. I love going on holiday with my family. I love my dog Cleo and take her out on walks. I am so happy I have the best life ever.

Lauren is living her best life; pyjama days, helping out at the coffee morning, singing and signing choir, spending time with her friends at her Abilities Group and spending time with her family.

Poppy is absolutely living her best life! She goes to ballet and gymnastics once a week, she’s a model signed to Zebedee Talent and has had a couple of jobs with Argos/Chad Valley. She has a younger sister that adores her and she’s super popular in nursery. She starts mainstream school in September which she’s super excited about. She’s fearless, determined and tries so hard all the time to do the things many others do naturally. She is super caring and gives the best cuddles. She loves life and it loves her right back.

Kirsty is living her best life. She has so much to look forward to this year. Her dance shows, celebrating her birthday in Disneyland Paris, her badminton , dance and singing lessons. Her work as a cinema host and some new job opportunities. She is also been in a Christmas short film and filming another soon.

Eli has a good life, he is loved and liked by many, is popular at school and most days has a smile and cheerful outlook on life. He is keen to do everything everyone else does, even though sometimes he needs a little help he gets stuck in to whatever he is doing.

Jo is loving teaching fitness classes, attending fitness events, competing in ballroom and crafting. There is nothing holding her back