November 11, 2021

Coffee & Chromosomes


We are really excited to announce the launch of a brand new podcast Coffee & Chromosomes, brought to you by Wouldn’t Change a Thing.  Hosted by Nisha & Hamel Soni (parents to one of our WCAT ambassadors Kush).

Coffee & Chromosomes looks to share stories of hope & inspiration, practical & helpful information, whilst also raising awareness amongst the wider community providing free access to credible information and real lived experiences. 

We aspire to help create a well informed, inclusive world for those living with Down syndrome, and provide help, support, guidance & advice to anyone who may need it.  We want to neutralize difference – because we are all different and we all need support. 

We have some brilliant guests lined up for Series 1 so please have a listen!  

Episode 0 – Introduction

Episode 1 – What is diagnostic overshadowing?

Have you ever been in A&E with your child/young person and feel like the doctors just aren’t hearing you when you say you know something isn’t right?  Are things you are pointing out being put down to their pre existing diagnosis?

Click below to listen to a brand new episode of Coffee & Chromosomes where we talk to Liz Herrieven – Consultant in Pediatric Emergency medicine

Liz talks about her professional journey as a doctor alongside her personal journey with her daughter Amy who has Down syndrome and autism and how it lead to her special interest in inequalities in healthcare.

New episodes will be available from wherever you get your podcasts from, every Thursday.  If there’s anyone in particular you would like to hear from or topics you’d like to learn more about just email us at  and we will try and make it happen.