September 18, 2020

Video/Image submission

Do you have a video or image that you would like to share with us? Please complete the below form and upload your file and you never know it may be featured on our Social Media platforms!

If you do not have permission or are not the legal guardian of the subject we will not be able to use your image/video.

We ask that you complete the declaration above, so that we may use your photographed and filmed images to promote awareness.

- I give permission to WCAT to use the photographs/film taken of me.

- I grant WCAT permission to use the photographs/film throughout the world in its/their original format or edited or altered in any way which WCAT deems appropriate.

- I give permission to WCAT to store/transfer the photographs/film.

- I give permission to WCAT to store my contact details appropriately in case it needs to contact me.

- I give permission to WCAT and the photographer/filmmaker the right to photograph/film me and to use this in any way they consider reasonable at any time in the future. This includes (but is not limited to) reproducing these photographs/film in books, exhibitions, websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media; fundraising and advertising; for ongoing campaigns, new projects and any other purpose deemed reasonable at any future date.

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