Bertie is thriving at nursery

Written by Hannah Davy, Bertie’s nursery 1:1

Since joining nursery in September Bertie’s personality has shone through. He is full of confidence and fiercely independent. He will give anything a go and only accepts help if it’s absolutely necessary. His contagious smile fills the room and he constantly has us all in hysterical laughter.

Bertie has made so many new friends not only in his class but throughout the school. Wherever he goes he brings joy and people just want to be around him.

Bertie loves anything art based and you will often find him in the role play area. He loves to act and especially in front of an audience. He was absolutely amazing in the Christmas performance and once he was on stage we literally couldn’t get him off.  This is also why Bertie loves show and tell. He has a chance to stand up in front of his friends, show off his favourite toy and just perform. Every week he brings something new and has us all on the edge of our seats waiting to see how it works and to see him shine. Somehow he makes everything interesting and no matter what we all have a smile on our face at the end of it.

Although Bertie doesn’t use many words he definitely knows how to get his point across. With sign, gesture, facial expression or a sharp point of the finger he will make it known. Bertie is also very aware of other people and how they feel. He has a kind, caring side and is the first to notice if one of his friends are upset. He will offer affection to try and make them feel better and if this doesn’t work it’s ice-cream. Even thought we don’t have any!

Bertie is obsessed with animals and in choosing time he will pick his two favourite books. They have pictures and names of different animals that he will sign and if he is unsure he will do a little impression. The kangaroo is my favourite. Somehow it never gets old, it just gets better. Our tummies hurt at the end from laughter.

He also really enjoys P.E, music and outside play. His first stop is usually the slide. He refuses to go down sitting. He will rollover onto his belly, fly down and laugh when I run to catch him at the bottom. Bertie is always building in the sand pit and loves to be in the play house with his friends. He will pop his head out of the window to give them a little scare, watch as they run away and then come back laughing. They could do this all day!

Bertie is thriving and learning so many new things. Not only is he learning, he is teaching. He has shown us a different way and I personally think its magical! It is a pleasure and honour to be able to work with him. There will never be another Bertie, he truly is one of a kind! Don’t ever change because you are AMAZING!