Down syndrome and my health

Written by Rachel Murray

I’m Rachel Murray and I’m 23 and I live in Scotland and I try to live my best life.

I have some health issues and I remember going to the hospital as a child.

Till now my mum has always supported me at hospital and I have had some good and bad times with the doctors.

I was born with a small hole in my heart it’s not a problem to me.

I have some problems with my hearing but I’ve never had anything to help with that.

When I was a baby I had low muscle tone and was late to learn to run and walk. I had physio to help me.

When I was one I had treatment for leukaemia (look-e-me-a) in hospital and I was very ill but all good now.

I use a sleep mask for my health, it’s a workout for my lungs.

I have had speech therapy at home, at school, in a group started by parents.

When I was young, I had a health check every year but now my doctor won’t do this for me.

There are some things that people with Down’s syndrome need to have checked like thyroid and other blood tests. 

Some people with Down’s syndrome can get early dementia – so it’s important for our health to be checked. 

I don’t complain very much about my health and that’s why I need to see a doctor every year.