October 8, 2019


Welcome to our Resources page. Please feel free to browse through and download anything that you think may be of use to yourself or your local schools, doctor’s surgeries, support groups, etc.

We Are Family eBook

As part of our World Down Syndrome Day 2021 Campaign we have produced an eBook, full of stories from real families.

The book includes all different family members and people with Down syndrome sharing how they feel about their family. For many of us, when we first found out our children had that magical extra chromosome, seeking out families with real lived experience was a priority.

We felt this was a wonderful way to celebrate the connection of family and give some insight into our lives, not just as parents but siblings, aunties, grandparents, step dads, same sex families, families by adoption and so much more.

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School resource pack

This document is a school resource pack which can be used to help your school or nursery have conversations with their students regarding Down syndrome and what it means. It contains facts and games and is a very useful tool for assemblies or just class projects.

Language awareness poster for medical professionals

Language is so important, especially when coming from the mouth of a medical professional. This language awareness poster was created in order to be shared with professionals.