November 29, 2020

What Do You See – A Positive Response!

We at Wouldn’t Change A Thing are so pleased to bring you our beautiful new song ‘What Do You See?’ by Kennedy and Kerr.

To download or stream your own copy of the song click below. All proceeds go to helping the charity continue to raise positive awareness and support families.

A UK Down syndrome awareness charity has taken the unprecedented step of launching their Christmas campaign early to coincide with the airing of Emmerdale’s controversial new storyline where the characters decide to terminate a baby upon realising it will be born with Down syndrome.

Wouldn’t Change A Thing, the charity born after the success of one of the world’s most popular viral videos: 50 Mums | 50 Kids | 1 Extra Chromosome, have said that in light of all of the anger and negativity surrounding this storyline, they wanted to challenge it in a different way and give people in the Down syndrome community something positive to get behind.

Jamie McCallum, Chairman said “Our campaigns are intended to challenge the negative outdated misconceptions about Down syndrome among the general public by showing insights into the true lives experienced by families today. We know that these negative misconceptions will be a key issue for the characters in this storyline, so this seemed like an appropriate area to shine a light on.”

The Emmerdale storyline has been drawing controversy since it was announced on 5th November and the contentious episodes air from Monday 30th of November. Now.  this much needed Christmas awareness campaign will run at the same time.

The campaign centres around a new song – ‘What Do You See’ – an original track written by Tom Kerr, a new grandfather with no connection to Down syndrome, who saw a Facebook photograph of his new grandchild alongside a girl with Down syndrome after the March lockdown this year. 

Through Facebook, Tom saw the phrase “Wouldn’t Change a Thing” which sent him on a journey of discovery leaving his whole outlook challenged and changed. Much like the Emmerdale characters, and many new parents of children with Down syndrome, Tom realised how much his understanding of Down syndrome was based on outdated misconceptions.

Tom, a lifelong musician and songwriter, was so impacted that he immediately put pen to paper and wrote some lyrics. The lyrics moved a friend of his – musician Colin Kennedy (The Colin Kennedy Band) who sand and arranged the music for the entire song. He then enlisted help from JJ Gilmour (The Silencers) to do some backing vocals, and Graeme Duffin (Wet Wet Wet) to mix the final piece, turning it into a full-scale studio production.

When Emmerdale airs on Monday 30th November, Wouldn’t Change a Thing will release the track for the first time alongside an accompanying video mirroring Tom’s journey of discovery.

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