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This week, we hear from Heidi Crowter, an advocate and campaigner for disability rights.  She tells us about meeting the love of her life and how she’s coping in lockdown. 

Heidi is an experienced public speaker, having spoken at locations such as the World Down Syndrome Congress, the C of E Synod and outside parliament, to name a few.  Her recent campaign ‘Downright Discrimination’, is challenging the law that allows babies with Down Syndrome to be aborted until birth, and has seen her interviewed on multiple news programmes.  Heidi ‘wants to raise awareness about Down’s Syndrome and to be a voice for those without one’.  


Above: Heidi speaking at the World Down Syndrome Congress in Glasgow 


Hiya, I am Heidi, I am 24 and I happen to have Down’s syndrome, which does not hold me back from having a fun filled life of opportunity.

I have always dreamed of finding the man of my dreams.  His name is James Carter and he is a very good kisser and I love him. My mum already knew James through her cousin who is the pastor of his church in Weymouth.  We started talking in September 2017 and we started as friends to build trust and friendship.

Then I met him on the 28th October 2017 for our first date  when I first met him he made a very good impression on me.He greeted me with flowers and chocolates and checked the ingredients because I am Coeliac. The best part of the date was the first kiss when he saw me he gave me my first kiss and it was the best kiss ever.

Over time I realised I fell in love with my best friend.

Me and James have a lot in common, we are both passionate Christians, we love the same films, same music and we both have a shared hobby of kissing each other.  He lives in Weymouth in Dorset at the moment . James makes me the happiest woman in the world, he makes me feel special, loved and he makes me laugh a lot.

He has a big heart for everyone, the reason why I fell in love with James is because he accepts me as I am which Is what I want in life.

During the first year of dating he asked my Dad 4 times to marry me.  Thankfully the 4th time my Dad finally said yes.  On Sunday 30th December 2018 he took me to Playwrights, my favourite restaurant.  After we ordered our food he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him in front of our parents and I said yes and I nearly cried because it was so sweet.

We have been engaged for a year now and we are getting married on 4th July 2020.  So far we have chosen our menu, booked our honeymoon in Italy, (hopefully) chosen the 9 bridesmaids and the 2 page boys!  Our wedding cake is being made by James’s mum who is a fantastic cook. At the moment we are writing out place cards for the reception tables.


My free time In lockdown

As you may know due to coronavirus we are all in lockdown so I am back with my parents.  But I don’t see it as lockdown I see it as quality time with my family.

I have a lot of things to amuse myself, jobs around the house with a fun twist to it,  I do Facebook lives on my Facebook page at 11.00 and 3.00, most days.  I do toddler singing, story time, birthday and film quizzes and songs of praise.  I love doing them and showcasing my talent while adding new birthdays to my memory.

I am also writing my autobiography and I have got to Chapter 5 which is all about my favourite hymns.  So it’s going to be a very long chapter  as I have  a lot of favourite hymns, because they are all so good it’s hard to pick just one.

I am writing some cards to people and phoning people who find this time difficult, also video chatting James and cooking dinner. 

In conclusion I am loving it!

Enjoy lockdown

Stay happy!


Heidi making herself useful in Lockdown!


Thanks for sharing your experience with us Heidi!  If you would like to hear more from Heidi, or find out more about her campaign, please check out her Facebook page ‘Heidi Crowter – living the dream’.