WDSD 2021: We Are Family

Happy World Down Syndrome Day! Today some of our WCAT families let us know what their family member with Down syndrome means to them.

I didn’t want a baby with Down syndrome, until I had Connie and realised she was everything we never realised we needed in our lives.

Julie Seabourne

Not only did Chloe make me a mum she made me a much better version of myself, she’s taught me more then I’ve taught her! I’d hate to think what my life would of been like without her. Chloe’s everything we needed in our lives 

Jo Smith

Connie totally changed our lives from the very day she was born. Her strength, character and joy for life was there from the start and she has and continues, to teach us so much about ourselves and life.

Emma Brown

He’s my brother.

He’s my son.

He’s our Hero.

Sharon Genua

We knew life would be different but didn’t know how. When you joined our family you instantly became our shining light. You teach us every day so many wonderful lessons. You introduced us into a beautiful world and we wouldn’t change a thing. Darcy, you are an incredible young man and we love the way you live your best life. Thank you for choosing us as your family. Truly blessed. 

Julie Fisher

Arya is the glue that holds us all together. No matter how we are feeling one look at her and everything else seems pointless. We are so blessed, Alhamdulilah to have you as our daughter. Not sure what we did to deserve you but we are #theluckyfew and so proud to be your family. We will always shout your worth and show the world how extra special you are. You gave us life, you are our world, our daughter, our shining star!

Sabeena Majeed Javed

Ruthie is the magnet that draws our family closer. She has taught us so many things. She is not just a ray of sunshine she IS the sunshine with a smile that lights up the world and a mischievous twinkle in her eye. Along with these qualities her unconditional love, compassion, strength (including stubbornness) define who she is – she is Ruthie – our perfect little girl. Without her our world would be considerably lacking. Xx

And as Ruthie’s parents we couldn’t agree more. Xxx

Ruthie’s Granny

Cheers me up and helps me. I miss Ruthie. I’m happy she is in our family, love her. I would be giant sad if she went away, with giant tears. Family would be horrible without Ruthie xxx

Ruthie’s cousin Maya, age 4

Brody has completed our family in a way that I didn’t know was possible! He is our little ray of sunshine!

Hannah Williams

I have no words that could ever live up to how special Bella is. She brings everyone together. She is the missing link we needed in our lives to make our family complete.

Claire Jones

We are a huge family, a big family! There are ten of us, mum and Dad and the eight children. Wilf has seven older siblings. Every child brings their own nuance to a family and their own character, and you always wonder how your life was so perfect before you had them. Wilf…….he is his own character! And not one of us could imagine our lives before him! He has completed us, where we didn’t know we were lacking and filled a hole we didn’t know was empty!

Due to lockdown we have not seen his older sisters. That is hurting them, not seeing Wilf, as much as it is, us parents not seeing them. All my children would echo every word I say! Wilf is our little superhero, and the world is a much better place to everybody who knows him!

Elizabeth Ann Senior

If you haven’t checked out our video for #WDSD21 celebrating siblings, then check it out here, we promise it will make you smile!