Dear Future Sibling

This year our WDSD celebration looks at sibling relationships. ‘How will this affect my other children?’ is a question commonly asked by parents who have received a new diagnosis of Down syndrome for their child. Hoping to help answer that question we asked some of our Wouldn’t Change A Thing families what having a sibling with Down syndrome means to them and what advice they would give to a new brother or sister. Have your tissues at the ready!

As siblings you will be so many things to each other; teachers, cheerleaders, best friends, enemies and team mates. You will shape each other, catch each-other, steer each-other and lift each other up without even knowing it’s happening. But above all you will be in the most special, warm, loving and life shaping circle of trust. That is a privilege and something to be celebrated. #TheLuckyFew

Prepare to meet your partner in crime… You will have so much fun together.

Never worry about the bond between siblings

Together you can take over the world. Best friends, team mates, partners in crime. The older we get the stronger the bond. Each day we feel so lucky to have each other ❤️ Sam & Jo

The Boys 💙 we knew you were coming but didn’t know what to expect. We were nervous but excited. When you joined our family we instantly wanted to protect and guide you. You are our best friend. You make us laugh and we love the way you do whatever it is that makes you happy. We play fight, kick the footy, play basketball and everything else brothers love to do together. You give the best hugs and the best caring hand on our shoulder when we are sad. You’re the best Darcy and we love you with all our hearts. We Wouldn’t Change A Thing.

It’s always good to have a fun-loving partner to share adventures with!

We will always be the best of sisters and the best of friends. The extra chromosome doesn’t affect this at all. Our bond is obvious; our love is strong and the laughs are endless. Connie and Esme.

Siblings are the best friends you’ll ever have. Through thick and thin, ups and downs and highs and lows they’ll always be there for you! Nothing can compare to a sibling’s love, always and forever. 💙💛

You will always have unconditional love and someone who will put a smile on your face no matter what.

We’ve grown together, played together, cried together, laughed together, taken care of each other, he’s taught me things & I’ve taught him things. I’ve never been in this world without my brother & I never want to be. He loves me like I love him, unconditionally. Nothing & no-one will ever break our bond. It’s not always easy, but it’s never dull, he’s funny, caring, kind & the bravest person I know. I love seeing everything he achieves. He’s determined & nothing stops him doing what he wants to do. I’m so, so proud of him. Down Syndrome just adds more ‘sparkle’ to his personality & it’s part of him, so why would I ever want to change that? He’s my brother, I’m his sister & I Wouldn’t Change A Thing…Ever 💗💙 Lia Genua

The bond is unquestionable, their love is unconditional, yes she frustrates him but he will always have her back.

Siblings love you unconditionally. It is an unbreakable bond. It is a love like no other. ‘My little brother Carlson is my best friend. He is funny and can make a bad day turn good. I named him our rainbow of uniqueness when he was born. All I see when I look at him is my brother. I will love and protect him all always. He is in no way a burden as he brings so much joy to all our lives. I am proud to be his big sister. I will be by his side whenever he needs me and I need him just as much. He makes me happy by being him.’ 💙💛

I’m an incredible big sister to my 2 younger sisters. The older we get, the stronger and closer we are. We’re each learning new things together everyday. The bond we have is out of this world.

Having a sibling with DS will bring you happiness, joy, love and laughter! It will also bring you a partner in crime for life! Just like any other siblings you’ll argue, make up, argue then make up again but your bond will be unbreakable. Together you will take on the world…or at least your parents. 

Willow, having you as our littlest sister is the best gift ever! You give the best cuddles, and know when to come and see if we’re ok. You can make us forget any worries with one smile. We will grow up better people, because of you. Thank you for being our funny, loving and downright extra wonderful sister. We love you! Love Lottie and Ivy xxxxx

“Having Sienna as my sister makes me happy. I love playing with her because she’s good at taking turns with me. She plays lots of Bluey games and Doc McStuffins games with me and that makes me happy. She chases me lots pretending to be a monster and that makes me laugh. Sometimes when I’m feeling lonely she comes to see me and we share our toys. I love her this much (holds her arms out as far as she can).” Leonie

“I dont know what all the fuss is about, I just love her” 

‘When I first met my little brother Thomas he was 3 days old, I told him how much I loved him, the nurse asked me if I was going to teach him lots of naughty things when he was older and I said no! 8 years on he’s my partner in mischief and my best friend. 8 years on and I still love him and think the world of him. My advice for any older sibling is just love your little brother and sister, encourage them and support them, have fun, cause mischief, be loud and make wonderful memories. Down syndrome is not something to be fearful or worried about, it’s just one part of who your little brother or sister is. Look past it and you’ll see so much more.’ Daniel Bell age 13

We have so much fun together. We love playing and making each other smile. We are best friends even when we argue! We will protect each other always

‘I look at my big sister all 4ft 8” of her & think you do my head in every day with your constant singing, dancing, talking to yourself. But then she makes my bed every day, will fetch me anything I ask for. I know she will always look after me especially when our Mum is shouting at me for the 100th time and my loyal, caring big sister sticks up for me I know she’s one in a million. The extra chromosome bit who cares that’s just an excuse for everybody to think she’s cute…. see her on the judo mat & tell me then she’s cute… what’s the big deal an extra chromosome it means nothing she’s still my annoying big sister who I love the bones of and we will always stick together and watch over each other. We’ve got this sis. I don’t care about an extra chromosome so why should you!’ Pasha & Raffi xxx

‘Wilf having you as my little brother makes me the happiest and luckiest sister in the world! You have the most amazing personality and the most contagious smile. I love coming home to see you and get the most perfect cuddles from you to then be thrown to the ground and wrestled with, but even that I love! I would never wish for anyone different, you are honestly the most amazing character and little boy in this world! I love you so much, even when you headbutt me’ ❤️Millie big sister to Wilf

Wilf, In a large family of eight children you are the youngest and the best! I love coming off my zoom classes to you giving me the biggest cuddles ever. Snuggling up in bed and watching dragons on the TV. Your extra chromosome makes you just a little bit better. You are the highlight of my life and I would not change you one single bit! You are like a little ray of sunshine and you’ll brighten up any room you walk into! ❤️Lots of love,Betsy xxx

Wilf is the nicest most caring best looking and cutest 4 year old ever. I know most people just say that but this time it’s not just me saying it as it doesnt come from the mouth but from the heart, love Freddie xx

Sisters forever together and never want to be apart.

“Having a brother who has Down syndrome is the best thing in the world, I love my brother so much, he is a very cheeky boy, who causes mischief but he makes me laugh all day long, I wish more people had a brother like Lenny” Izzy x

Dear new sibling…I hope you realise that you are about to receive the most wonderful gift of all…a new baby. Someone to play with, someone to have your back, someone to share special days and holidays with, someone to annoy you and take your toys, someone to look up to you, someone whose face lights up when you come home from a school. Mummy worried this may not be the case but she shouldn’t have. Your bond will be stronger than any that you have known. As Zac says about Brody…’extra chromosome…extra cute!’ Xx

Thank you to all our WCAT families for your contributions. If you are a sibling to someone with Down syndrome why not join our WCAT siblings group on Facebook. Check out our WDSD video here. #50Siblings #WeAreFamily #WDSD21 #DownSyndrome #WouldntChangeAThing