Q&A with Sam and Katherine

This week on the blog, we meet Katherine, 32 and Sam, 35 who live together in Milton Keynes. Sam works for XPO logistics packing orders and Katherine works as a salon assistant in a hairdressers and an office assistant at a charity.  Sam and Katherine got married in May 2018, they tell us about their big day and the secret to staying in love! Thanks so much, Sam and Katherine for chatting to us.

How did you guys meet?

Katherine: We met at a theatre group we went to after college.   

Sam: We went to different schools and colleges. We found out when we started dating that we used to live in the same village 3 streets away, but we were in different school areas so we didn’t meet until we were adults. We had different hobbies and liked doing things with our brothers and sisters.

Tell us about the proposal

Sam: We just used to talk about the future and would say about being married forever.

Katherine: But we went to Sam’s family home with both our families and Sam went down on one knee, gave a speech and then he proposed. I already knew I’d say yes.

What did your families think about you getting married?

They were very happy. They knew we were in love.

What was your big day like?

Both: Beautiful, warm, handsome, amazing.

Sam: We showed our mums a Pinterest board with what we liked and we all chose things together. The food tasting was fun.

Katherine: I went to a wedding fair with my mum and watched the catwalk show. I told her what I liked on the dresses and my mum made it for me. I wanted it 50s style and not long so I could dance.

What is your secret to staying in love?

Katherine: Decide together, work it out between us.

Sam: We both like dancing etc, we make each other happy.

Its ok to have different interests and give space (we don’t need to be together all the time).

What is your favourite thing to do together?

Laugh. Go to the theatre and musicals, date nights, dancing, meals out.

What annoys you about each other (if anything)?

Sam: She gives me a look and makes me laugh!

Katherine: He’s just gorgeous all through.

What does the future hold for you guys?

Stay married and in love, holidays after Covid and get back to going out on date nights.

Would you change a thing about each other?

Sam: She’s a perfect wife

Katherine: He’s a perfect husband.