What Do You See?


When she was born, there was a question mark over our daughter’s diagnosis.  I spent the first 2 weeks of her life studying her, googling, trying to decide if she looked like she had Down Syndrome.  I was worried it would be all I could see. I was worried that was all other people would see too.

Three years on and I look at my daughter and really see her.  I adore her almond eyes.  I see a toddler with a cheeky smile, a penchant for stealing people’s phones from their pockets and pretending she’s on a business call.  I see a child who adores singing even though she has few words.  I see a someone who knows her own mind. A bundle of energy. A foodie.  Warm hugs, pink glasses, runny nose, adoring sister, crazy hair.  

Some of these things are because of Down Syndrome, some aren’t, but most importantly, they all make her, well, her.  Down Syndrome is in every fibre of her being, that extra chromosome helps make up every part of her.  Google might be able to tell me the chance of her having a thyroid problem, but it couldn’t tell me how much laughter she would bring into our lives.   

I don’t want people not to see Down Syndrome, I just want them to realise that Down Syndrome isn’t who she is.  We are ALL unique, we have different strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, let’s celebrate that.   

This year, to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on the 21st March, we asked our WCAT family ‘What do you See?’ Here’s what they had to say…

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I suspect the answers are no different to those we would give for any of our kids.  We all see beauty, potential, joy and most importantly, truly loved and valued members of our families.

Come and join us! This year we want as many people as possible to get involved in our #wouldntchangeathing campaign…. not just parents!

If you know someone with Down Syndrome, have a relative or even like a celebrity with Down  Syndrome who has positively influenced your life then please post your favourite picture of them on social media along with the following text…….

‘The #WouldntChangeAThing 2020 World Down Syndrome Day Campaign this year asks you to comment….. What do you see? When you look at me?


What do you see?

Please post your own #ISee pictures* of someone with Down Syndrome who has positively influenced YOUR life!

21st March 2020

#WhatDoYouSee #ISee #WDSD20 #WouldntChangeAThing’

*please remember to seek permission if using images of children.

If you haven’t seen our video yet, then check it out here…

Help us see past labels and celebrate uniqueness, diversity and inclusion.  In a world that at the moment feels all too uncertain, let’s spread some positivity.