To Know Him Is To Love Him

As many grandparents are finally getting the chance to reunite with their grandchildren, today we hear from Kush’s grandparents, Rita and Vijay. Kush is 6 years old,  he loves music, reading and horse rides every week. He’s a bundle of fun and makes his family laugh everyday. He’s doing really well at mainstream school and has an abundance of friends.  He’s the best big brother to his sisters, and has a smile that could melt a thousand hearts. To know him is to love him. Thank you, Rita and Vijay, for sharing your story with us.

In the old days we didn’t have much knowledge about disability unless there was someone in your family who had a disability. Children were labelled and the family was left to their own devices. Ignorance at its best, didn’t help anyone.

Sadly it wasn’t uncommon to completely ignore children with disabilities as no one knew what to say or how to interact. It’s bizarre thinking about it now. 

When Kush was born it was an absolute shock as we had no idea that he had Down Syndrome. In all honesty I did not know much about disability as I had not come across many children with disabilities. I was really worried in the beginning, mainly about my daughter and how she would cope. It was my ignorance which increased my anxiety. If I had known about DS then what I know now it would have really helped us all. 

We spent a few months really worried about the future. Kush is an absolute darling, he is a happy child and has the most amazing smile which melts our hearts every time we see him. 

Kush is very very special to us. He has brought our family closer than I ever imagined possible.  We are astounded with what he can do today. It might take him a little longer but he has made amazing progress. His speech is coming on leaps and bounds and his clarity continues to improve. The help that we get in this country is amazing and we are really appreciative of that.

He does everything with his sisters and cousins and other children of his age and lives life to the full.  We are just so proud of him.  Kush is a magnet that brings people together. He is so happy and fun to be with that we forget all our worries and problems in life when he’s around.

I worry about bullying in the future. The world can be very cruel, especially children in their ignorance and I would hate to see Kush having to face that, hence I feel that these campaigns which improve awareness, acceptance and promote inclusion will go a long way in eliminating negativity and hopefully bullying will not be a major problem.  My daughter shares our journey together as a family with Kush on her wonderful Instagram page @t21teamkush. We couldn’t be prouder of her and the wonderful community we are now part of, all striving to change mindsets.  

Kush is doing very well at the moment and our hope for him is to be able to be independent, have a job and friends and be happy always.  Our family will always be there for him should he ever need us and in turn he will always continue to bring laughter and joy and abundant happiness in our lives and in the lives of the people around him.