The future is yours for the taking

The final blog of Down syndrome awareness month this year is written by Julia, mum to Lisa and Gran to Luke.

“Funnily enough before Lisa was born I was pressurised into having an amnio by my doctor, however we refused because we thought that we would have the baby regardless (Lisa)… I was 44 so the chance of Down syndrome was high – I don’t think I really understood what Down syndrome was though.

However – when we discovered that Luke had Down syndrome I cried. I’m not really sure why – fear of what I didn’t understand I think. I will never forget meeting a friend in the street – and she asked me if Lisa had had her baby, I replied “Yes a boy BUT he has Down syndrome” … she said “why the BUT? This is wonderful news – a huge congratulations to you all”.  I said to myself I’ll never say BUT again.

When I saw Luke for the first time I just saw my grandson – a beautiful baby… not Down syndrome.

Since then Luke has continued to teach us very much. He is funny, loving, determined and a cheeky rascal at times!

I love him exactly the same as I love all of my grandchildren / great grandchildren / great great grandchildren. Of course Luke is different – BUT THEY ALL ARE! Each one of them are unique individuals that bring something different to the world.

I realise that Luke has his challenges ahead, but I know that he will face them with love and determination like the gorgeous brave boy he is. I have no worries about his future and one thing I know about Luke is that he will never be told – he will do exactly what he wants to do.

I think it is great that Luke and his friends continue to raise awareness, perhaps if there had been this much awareness around when Luke was born, we wouldn’t have cried out of fear – because as we now know there is nothing to fear!

Normally I would have stayed with Lisa, Kevin and Juke (big sister Julia and Luke!) 4 or 5 times this year however Covid has put a very upsetting stop to that. Normally Luke would run into my room in the morning and give the best hugs and smiles to brighten my day. We have had to  make do with virtual hugs and kisses and his smile still brightens up my day. Hoping for some much needed real hugs soon, when I can remind him what a beautiful cheeky rascal he his.

So I say to you Luke – Keep doing what you are doing young man – The future is yours for the taking. Love Gran” x