Love through lockdown and beyond

Christopher and Ffion met in August 2018 at the Hijinx Drama Academy. Ffion had been there some time but it was Christopher’s first day and he seemed to fit right in from the start.

Chris got on well with everyone and although he was looking for and hoping for a girlfriend he didn’t want to rush into anything.  Ffion had a boyfriend at this time and so was not available.

But in February 2020 they were both single and over lunch during a Hijinx day they decided to get together as girlfriend and boyfriend. Their lovely tutor took me to one side after the classes to ask me if it was ok. There was no objection from either myself or Ffion’s mum, Janice, as we had all been out together several times and we live ten minutes walk from each other.  Chris told me that the relationship would not have gone ahead if the mums had not agreed!

The following day Chris had an early birthday party as we would be away on the day itself. It was at this party in front of all their friends that they shared their first kiss much to everyone’s delight.

Chris and Ffion had a few dates when we got back from our holiday. Their first was at a coffee shop with us mums sitting round the corner incase they had trouble ordering. It was at their request because they felt nervous. Three weeks later the country went into lockdown.

Chris did not believe me about the virus until he saw it on the news. He said he thought I had been exaggerating to stop him going out. But then he became worried that he would not be able to see Ffion as their Hijinx sessions, along with all his other classes and groups, were cancelled.

So we arranged to walk past Ffion’s home on our exercise outings.

At first they waved to each other and once a week Chris sent Ffion a single red rose so she would know how much he loves her. Then they began to talk across the road and finally they could meet in Janice and Ffion’s garden, Chris and I don’t have a garden. 

They were so happy to be near each other again, it was lovely to hear them laughing together. Luckily they have much in common; both are adopted, both live with single mothers, they both like ketchup and share a wicked sense of humour. They are very supportive of each other.  So they decided to get engaged and when the shops were open again they bought each other a ring.

On the 11th July in the sunshine, with a beautiful blue sky overhead, Chris got down on one knee and proposed to the love of his life. She said yes and they exchanged rings. We celebrated with Prosecco , fresh raspberries, cake and balloons. And while we were in the garden a heart shaped cloud drifted by.

And in August the four of us went for a few days to stay by the sea in a friend’s holiday cottage. It was only 30 minutes drive from home but felt like a different world.

Ffion and Chris want a big wedding and a big party so they will have to wait for a year at least. Until then they are happy to see each other three or four times a week, to watch films together, attending Hijinx on Zoom, seeing friends on Zoom, giggle and laugh together. And sometimes when they meet they talk about their wedding and say ‘ when we can.’