Ivan’s summer

WCAT ambassador Ivan and his mum Simone tell us a bit about what he’s been up to this summer.

Ivan went away for the evening with a charity called Project 21, he doesn’t stay away very often and went with new bunch of friends. He also tried some of the activities there so he’s done really well.

Ivan says: ‘I went to Danbury with Project 21. I done fun things, favourite is the high ones (high wires). A nice lady helped me. I slept there, was little bit nervous. But we ate pizza and dance with my friends it made me feel better.’

Ivan also went shopping with his girlfriend, he said ‘I went to Braintree with my girlfriend, eating pizza and ice cream. Went Costa drink hot chocolate. We went and looked at rings for my girlfriends birthday.’ (Not engagement however this is what they want in the future as they speak about it a lot!). ‘I like seeing my girlfriend because I miss her and she’s soooo pretty and she loves me.’