I have a favour to ask of you…

Our post this week is written by Kirsty MacCuish, mum to Amelia and Noah.

I have a favour to ask of you…

As his speech is slowly growing you enjoy his first new words, the cute and funny way he says things. You enjoy having a little conversation with him, him telling you what he does or doesn’t like; the funny things he says and sings.

But I ask you for one little thing.

Don’t forget his big sister.

The one who can’t communicate as well. She’s still there, she’s sat watching and listening. She’s waiting for you to have the same talks with her, sing the same songs, waiting for the same interaction. She can’t communicate like he does, but she still understands everything, she will still communicate back – just in her own little way.

I watch her, whilst she waits her for her turn with a huge smile on her face. Waiting for the same talks, songs and games. I watch her face change as the same doesn’t come to her, a different conversation comes along. You change it for her, simplify it for her – so she can understand easier. But she knows, she knows it’s different.

Thanks Kirsty, for sharing this with us. For more check out their instagram page @ameliabutextra