Dramatize Tea Room

This week Chloe’s mum Joanne tells us about Dramatize Tea Room – which is opening in May (and already taking bookings!) A project in Shepperton which is giving young adults with learning disabilities an opportunity to learn practical skills for employment – we look forward to lending our support and popping in for some cake!

Throughout the years Chloe has had numerous work experience placements but they never taught Chloe anything or gave her the fundamental skills to be able to apply for a job in the big wide world. She was always supported and not given the independence to carry things out herself, not giving her the confidence to think that she would ever earn a wage. As a parent this has always been disheartening and over the years I have learned to accept this. Until an eureka moment happened… 

On many days throughout COVID-19, home baking was one of Chloe’s favourite things to do. All the family got involved, we would bake cakes and then have tea parties on zoom to catch up with Chloe’s grandparents and friends. The delight Chloe had from making a cake for her family to eat and show off to her grandparents was inspiring and thats when the idea of the Tea Room came to life. 

I sat down with Chloe and discussed the idea and since then we have not looked back. Chloe has had to keep it all a secret from her friends until recently, when the easing of COVID-19 restrictions is enabling us to open our doors at the Tea Room! 

Dramatize Tea Room will be hopefully opening our doors late May as a job programme for adults with learning disabilities, enabling them to learn real life employment skills with a hands on approach; learning skills in the kitchen, how to bake and prepare orders and serving the customers in front of house. We can’t wait for you to meet everyone and enjoy our homemade cakes! 

The Tea Room is based in Charlton Village, Shepperton, Surrey. To find out more visit www.dramatizetearoom.co.uk, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @DramatizeTeaRoom.