Ambassador Q&A: Summer

This week we found out a bit more about one of our WCAT ambassadors, Summer, who recently celebrated her 6th birthday. Thanks to mum Leanne for chatting to us.

Tell us a bit about Summer…

Summer has just turned 6 and is the most amazing little girl, she has an inner light that radiates so bright.  Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. 

What are Summer’s favourite things?

Summer enjoys being round people and being the centre of attention.  She loves music and is always singing and dancing her way through life. 

How has the last year been for you?

This past year has been hard as Summer has struggled with the change in her routine by not being able to attend school or see her family.

We also had to shield Summer at the beginning as she is receiving treatment for ALL (leukaemia).  When we finally got told we didn’t have to shield her completely it got a bit easier for her.

Could you tell us about some of Summer’s biggest challenges and triumphs? 

Summer’s biggest challenge was being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in May 2019 and finding out her treatment would be for 2 and a half years.  Her biggest triumph has been battling leukaemia and becoming leukaemia free.  She has 6 months of treatment to complete.

Is there anything you wish you’d known when you found out Summer had Down syndrome?

I wish I had been told of how wonderful her life would be and how much joy she would bring our family.

Have you any words of wisdom for new parents?

My advice for any new family is to not be scared of all the negative things you may be told, just enjoy your baby and learn from them and your whole life is going to change for the better.

What are your hopes for Summer this year and for the future? 

My hope for Summer this year is to finish her treatment and get to being a little girl again enjoying life.

My hopes for her future are for her to live in a world of acceptance and inclusion and to live a long and happy life.