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Educating Rosie – March 2017

“I’M sorry to say that your child has a condition. If you choose to go ahead with the pregnancy,...


+Huffington Post

06th Oct 2016


The Pre-Natal Screening Debate Requires an Updated Perspective – Huffington Post – October 2016

2016 may go down as the year that people like our daughter Rosie become extinct. She is happy, healthy,...


Who Wants to Live in a World Without Rosies? – March 2016

THIS year may go down as the pivotal moment in history that led to people like our daughter Rosie...


What Not to Say About Rosie – March 2015

YOU will be your child’s greatest handicap.” Those words were spoken to me by Pandora Summerfield 12 months ago,...


+The Independent

21st Aug 2014


Once I would have agreed with Dawkins. Then my daughter was born with Down’s Syndrome. – The Independent – August 2014

“Abort it and try again”. That is Professor Dawkins’ opinion on the course of action one should take if...


Getting to Know Rosie – March 2014

MY wife noticed first. Barely half an hour had passed since the birth of our second daughter, Rosie, when...