February 27, 2021

Meet the Team

There is such a huge amount of work that goes on behind the scenes at Wouldn’t Change A Thing and we could not do it without the efforts of our wonderful army of volunteers.

We wanted to take the time to introduce them here.

Makaton Team

Makaton is a huge part of everything that we do and links us back to where it all began with 50 Mums. We have a regular feature across our social media platforms called Saturday Signs where we share a video from one of our families doing The Makaton Charity sign of the week. There are also adhoc poems, songs and and other projects throughout the year. To see more of the work this team do head on over to our YouTube channel and watch the Makaton playlist.


Nikki heads up the Makaton team and you may well recognise her from her own Makaton page “Makaton with Lucinda” that she does with her beautiful daughter Lucinda.

Nikki is one of the original 50 Mums and has been working with us since the very early days after the Charity was formed.

You can follow Nikki using the links below:

Social Media

The Social Media team oversee the content for both Facebook and Twitter. They work together to find and create content that will be engaging for our followers. They also come up with ideas for content relating to awareness days/weeks/months such as Congenital Heart Defect month.


Helen works really hard on bringing stories from international families and is a bit of a dab hand at creating a video or two.

Helen is mum to Rachel, Hannah and Matt and is a very active member of the Down syndrome community in her local area.


Emma pulls together some wonderful content for the Facebook page. She liaises with people regarding posts she is pulling together and prepares some really great posts.

Emma is mum to Cian and Harvey and is a great supporter for Wouldn’t Change A Thing. Emma and her boys have appeared in a few projects along the way including the Saturday Signs posts from the Makaton team.


Lorraine helps out with a lot of the administration type tasks in the background, sharing posts across groups on Facebook and helping with ideas for content.

Lorraine is mum to Cameron and they have both been very active members of the Charity for a few years.


The Instagram team work together to produce the beautiful content that you can see on our Instagram page. They create lovely posts that are shared on the main grid using really high quality images and share lots of what our members, ambassadors and friends are up to on the Instagram stories.

Hayley heads up the Instagram team and is a really key member of the management team. She has taken our Instagram account to new levels and our grid is now full of beautiful images of people with Down syndrome.

Hayley is mum to Skyler and River. Hayley and River have been involved in many campaigns over the last few years and Hayley has been heavily involved in running a few of the projects. Hayley also heads up the Ambassador team.

You can follow Hayley and River using the following links:

Support Group

We have a parent support group on Facebook where parents can share achievements, milestones and seek advice from others. If you are a parent of a person with Down syndrome and would like to join the group, please follow this link. Please ensure that you answer all the questions upon requesting to join.


Julie is one of the founding members of the Wouldn’t Change A Thing Support Group and has been a huge part of the Charity right from the start. She is a huge support to all of our members and is always willing to offer a listening ear, some advice or to celebrate everyone’s achievements.

Julie is mum to Emily, Elysia and Evan. Julie and Evan were a part of the original 50 mums viral video and have been involved with many projects along the way.


Wendy is one of the admins on our Support Group on Facebook. She helps with the smooth running of the group and is always on hand to give some advice.

Wendy is mum to Katherine, 32, who is also one of the WCAT Ambassadors for 2021 alongside her husband Sam, 35.

Awareness Group

The Wouldn’t Change A Thing awareness group is where all the magic happens. In here we share ideas for awareness projects, fundraisers, press articles among many other calls to action. This is also where people have the opportunity to put themselves or their children forward to be involved with our campaigns and projects. The group is currently made up of approximately 400 people with connections to the world of Down syndrome.


Katie heads up the admin team for the Wouldn’t Change A Thing awareness group.

However, this is not where it ends for Katie as she is also a very key member of the Makaton team and does the editing of all the videos they create and she is the Administration Manager for the Charity.

Katie is mum to Mia who is an ambassador for Wouldn’t Change A Thing.


Julie is one of the invaluable admins on the awareness group. She helps to review the requests to join the group and also to keep the group active.

Julie is mum to Connie who is a wonderful little superstar and together they were part of the original 50 Mums video. Connie is a model and an actress and destined for big things.

Buy & Sell

The WCAT Buy & Sell Group was set up to give our members a space to sell or seek items.


Claire was the original driving force behind setting up a group for members of the Wouldn’t Change A Thing Support Group so that items can be bought or sought.

Claire is mum to Charleigh, Bella and Brooklyn. Claire and Bella were also part of the original 50 Mums viral video.


The Blog can be found on the website here but is also shared on our Facebook page and Twitter account. Each piece is contributed by a member or friend of the Charity.


Becky approached the Charity with the idea that we could have a regular blog on our website which could be written by members of our community. Since then she has worked tirelessly to get it to where it is. There are regular blogs from people from all walks of life but all with one thing in common, they have a person with Down syndrome in their lives.

Becky is mum to Esther and Iris.



Vikki is a valuable member of the TikTok team and helped to set Wouldn’t Change A Thing up on the platform for the first time. She is doing a great job of helping grow the followers and the reach. She is also mum to Lenny, Izzy and baby Nell.

Lenny is himself a little superstar with a pretty huge TikTok following and not to mention he’s a model represented by Zebedee Talent.

You can follow Vikki and Lenny using these links: