March 13, 2014

Some Pictures Just for Fun!



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2 thoughts on “Some Pictures Just for Fun!

  • Hi Jamie
    I just read your beautiful article in the herald. Amazing. ..not only because of the pure honesty but also the light and life you brought to it with your inspiring new outlook in life.
    5 weeks ago my husband kevin and I were blessed with a beautiful boy luke seamus who was post nataly diagnosed with ds. I too like your wife seen it the second I saw luke.
    We’re going through pretty much all you speak of in your article – my husband maybe more so. I seem to have accepted it immediately and just want to enjoy my boy in the every second we share. He’s just cool hand luke to me.
    Most of the upset at the moment is because he’s in yorkhill awaiting surgery for hopefully minor Hirschsprung’s disease. he has small hole in heart which we thankfully don’t have to worry about. But hard times as we also have julia our 1 year old girl who turns 1 on ds day this Friday would you believe.
    We just want him home and already he’s sticking his fingers up to the ‘typical’ downs behaviour. Breastfeeding like a trooper and body strength like a little action man.
    I hope my hubby and I get a chance to meet you and your lovely family as I think we’d share very common ground and could probably learn a thing or two from you guys.
    Thanks for a brilliant article jamie. I read it whilst doing a nightshift with luke in yorkhill and it made my night.
    Lisa kevin julia and luke xx

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